John and Jean Hess, owners of John's Chem-Dry of Whatcom County, stand outside their carpet cleaning vanCarpets are a big investment that are very prone to gross and tough stains. Your carpets also see a lot of dirt, mud, germs, and other grime tracked through them every day. Finding a good carpet cleaner is crucial to eliminate stains, odors, and bacteria that plague your carpet. With so many different companies out there, the question is, how do you find the right one? Here are five tips to choosing the best carpet cleaning company for you.


A good cleaner has years of experience. It’s the only way to really gain expertise in the industry. A carpet cleaner who has seen it all will have the knowledge needed to get the job done right for you. Take some time to figure out how long a carpet cleaner has been in business before signing up with them. 

Customer Reviews

Longevity is great, but how a company treats their customers is even more important. Be sure to check out what others say about a service. Take note of how they handle bad reviews from unsatisfied customers. If they clearly explain what happened and make an effort to find a resolution then that’s a company you’ll want to work with. If they don’t even make an effort to respond to a bad review, or the bad clearly outweighs the good, then run from that company as fast as you possibly can.


You need to make sure the price fits your needs. Many people will just go with the cheapest option out there. The problem is you really get what you pay for. Sometimes the cheapest options only make things worse and you’ll end up paying even more to fix their mistakes. Find a company that will do a free price estimate before setting up your appointment. Also, look for specials that might help you save money if you’re trying to keep a budget. In truth, a lot of companies may be willing to work with you to make sure you’re getting the most out of what you’re willing to pay. 

Carpet Cleaning Method 

It may come as a shock to some, but not all carpet cleaners are steam cleaners. Others have found better and safer methods to get carpets even cleaner, drier, and healthier. The problem with traditional steam cleaners is their use of excessive water and harsh soapy chemicals. This leads to long drying times and high risk of mold growth and restaining. Not to mention how bad it can be on the environment. We would encourage you to find more advanced carpet cleaning methods that avoid soaps and chemicals. 

Environmental Impact

Whether or not you care about the planet, you should care about what goes into your home. Find a company that cares about the way they impact your environment. Often that will translate to the planet as a whole. The company you want will use safe and non-toxic solutions and avoid the use of unnecessary amounts of water. This will help keep you, your family, your pets, and Earth safer, cleaner, and healthier for the years to come.

Choosing A Top-Rated Carpet Cleaner

Following these 5 simple tips will help you find one of, if not the best possible carpet cleaning crews in your area. If you’re in the Bellingham, WA area, then you can trust John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County to be that top-rated carpet cleaner for you.