green carpet cleaners in bellingham, waGreen-Certified Carpet Cleaning: The perfect way to celebrate Earth Day in Bellingham

Look, we know that when you think of carpet cleaning, you’re probably thinking about big clunky machines that can’t be good for the Earth. In some cases, that’s the truth. Steam carpet cleaners have historically used more than their fair share of water, and fill your carpets with nasty and harsh chemicals. Mother Nature would surely be disappointed. With Earth Day coming up this month, we wanted to share what makes our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning green-certified and more friendly to the environment as a whole.

HCE has been proven to use 80% less water on average when compared to traditional steam cleaning. Plus, it uses a special cleaning agent called The Natural® which gets its name by being completely safe and non-toxic. We use this method for carpet cleaning in Bellingham because we sincerely care about the beautiful planet we all share.

With less than 2% of the Earth’s water being considered fresh, we challenge each and every one of the Bellingham carpet cleaners to take steps toward lowering their water usage this year. We would also like to challenge you to find ways to save water on your own. Just take a look at our graphic below to see the impact we can all make together by making simple choices this Earth Day.

Earth day graphic