DogBabyFishCarpetAccording to a recent study, homes with pets have a much higher number and variety of bacteria than those without them. Generally, humans can co-exist with certain types of bacteria in a healthy way, but obviously we do not want to overexpose ourselves and our family to germs and bacteria that may be harmful. With all the muds, germs, and dirt that our pets bring in, it may seem impossible to keep a clean and hygienic home. Fortunately, John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County has compiled a few tips to help you keep your home free of hazardous germs and bacteria brought in by your pet.

Simple Solutions for Keeping Carpets Clean with Pets

Everyone loves a good pet, but while these critters bring us joy and happiness, we don’t want them to bring any dirt or germs into our home. Eventually, the germs and bacteria brought in by pets can be very damaging to floors and carpets. Below are some effective solutions to keep germs and bacteria where they belong.

  1. Keep a mat at your doorstep. This is by far one of the simplest solutions, but can do wonders to stop bacteria from entering your house. Mats can trap the majority of the dirt from your pet’s paws, thus helping keep a clean and hygienic home.
  2. Wipe your pet’s paw before entering the house. This is a great way to help eliminate some of the microbes that might otherwise be tracked into your home. By giving your pet’s paws a quick wipe after they have been outside you can eliminate a lot of the bacteria in your house.
  3. Bathe your pet regularly. Placing a mat at your door and wiping your pet’s feet can help prevent some germs from entering your house, but it is always a good idea to bath your pet regularly to remove bacteria from all parts of the animal.
  4. Establish routine cleaning habits. For tiled and hardwood floors, it is important to mop the area on a regular basis, paying special attention to those areas right by the door. Pay special attention to high traffic areas, these spots will hold the most germs. By doing this you can eliminate the microbes that have sneaked in.
  5. Get your carpets cleaned professionally. If you have carpeted floors, you should vacuum at least twice a week. This can eliminate many unwanted germs. At least a couple times a year, it is very important to get your carpets professionally cleaned.

By following these steps, you will be able to prevent large amounts of bacteria from entering your home. Don’t be afraid to call John’s Chem-Dry if you have any questions, or if you are dealing with urine stains or trying to remove pet odor. We are carpet cleaning professionals and would love to assist you in any need you may have.