Professional wood floor cleaners in ferndale. waGet Ready to Deep Clean Your Wood Floors in Bellingham & Ferndale

Who doesn’t love a nice wood floor? They add value and beauty to any home, plus they’re seemingly pretty low maintenance. For example, you can’t just wipe up a spill from carpet and expect to get the entire thing out in one fail swoop before it stains. But you can definitely do that with a wood floor. However, it might surprise you to know that wood floors are actually full of dust, dirt, and grime. These contaminants literally slip through the cracks and grains of the wood which is why simple mopping and sweeping won’t be enough to get them out. As the healthy home and workplace authority of Whatcom County, we offer a professional wood floor cleaning service that is designed to get your floors cleaner and healthier than ever before. Check out some of the benefits of our wood floor cleaning service.

Benefits of Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

One of the biggest benefits we offer is our ability to clean deeper than mops. Our highly skilled technicians are trained in everything including safe removal of the polish and acrylic coating on your floor to get better access to the actual floor. This is exactly why we are able to use our ECOLOGO certified cleaning solution to actually remove all of that unwanted dirt and debris. Once we’re sure the floor is cleaned, we’ll repolish and seal the floor to give it a protective glow. You’ll literally be able to see and feel the difference this makes.

Get Your Wood Floors Cleaned Today

Don’t wait to get your wood floors cleaned by John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County. We offer this revolutionary wood floor cleaning service in Bellingham, Ferndale, and their surrounding areas. Just call (360) 734-3551 for a low-water and healthier way to clean up your wood flooring.

We look forward to serving you with our wood floor care service!