Bellingham wood floor cleaningHave you ever wondered what the best kind of floor for your home is? The most common types are carpet and wood floor, and we’re going to let you in on a little secret. You can’t go wrong with choosing either. But that definitely doesn’t make it any easier because it can be hard to nail your own personal preference.

As the carpet and wood floor cleaning experts of Bellingham, we know practically everything there is to know about the two-floor types. So, to help you out, we have broken down each essential category and provided a direct comparison of each one, so that you can make the absolute best decision for both your home and your family.

Our Comparison

Cost of Each

The budget is usually the first thing a homeowner will consider. Here is a quick breakdown of the cost to install each.

Installing Carpet: $3-$5 per square foot

Cheapest Type of Carpet: Olefin, Polyester, Nylon

Most Expensive Type of Carpet: Wool

Installing a Hardwood Floor: $8-$12 per square foot

Cheapest Type of Wood Floor: Bamboo, Maple, Oak 

Most Expensive Type of Wood Floor: Brazilian walnut, Mahogany

Durability of Each

Cost to install is one thing, but that cost can be somewhat deceiving. Sometimes a cheaper floor might be less durable which will lead to greater cost down the line. Below you’ll find a quick breakdown of durability between the two floor types.

Durability of Carpet: Usually needs to be replaced every 5-15 years.

Durability of Hardwood Floors: Can last for well over 50 years

Maintenance of Each

To help with the durability of each, you need to know the proper maintenance and cost of repair.

Repairing Carpet: Repairs will cost an average of just $200.

Repairing Hardwood Floors: Many repairs can be done yourself through sanding and refinishing. Although if you are nervous about your DIY skills, you might end up making the problems worse while running up a hug bill.

Cleaning of Each

Regular cleaning on your own will help you to keep repair costs low and the floor looking fresh. Cleaning from a professional service will help even more. Just give the team here at Chem-Dry a try for both carpet cleaning and wood floor cleaning.

Cleaning Carpet: Easy to clean; dirt is less visible; stains and spills are very difficult to remove.

Cleaning Hardwood: Easy to clean; dirt is more visible/harder to hide: most surfaces do not stain easily.

Other Facts & Tips

So there you have the gist of it. But in order to properly choose between the two, you need to consider a few other facts.


A house with nice and updated hardwood floors will always sell faster. It’s just a common fact that you can verify with the good people over at USA Today. That just means that a hardwood floor will be a safer bet for a person looking to sell their home soon. However, a new carpet is also a nice addition and selling point. A deep cleaning will also help to revitalize your flooring if you are selling.

Babies & Young Children

It’s also a known fact that babies are terrible at walking. They need a soft landing space so a nice and gentle carpet will be better than a hardwood floor for parents of young children.

Pets & Their Stains

Pet’s will pee a lot in your home in addition to tracking in dirt and mud. That can be bad for both carpets and wood floors, although it is easier to clean a wood floor. That doesn’t mean that some carpets aren’t okay for or more stain-resistant. Because of its stain resistance and durability, nylon is usually the best carpet for pets.