DomesticRugsWool rugs are a must-have for busy home. If you have frequent guests, pets, and multiple people living in your home you probably already know how important a wool rug can be to the protection of your carpet and floor. In addition to beautifying your home, these additions also protect it. But keeping your rugs looking their best can be problematic.

Unlike silk or other materials, wool can deal with a lot of traffic, but it still requires maintenance and up-keep. Purchasing a wool rug for your home may be one of the smartest investments to beautify a home. How do you preserve its charm and value? You’ve come to the right place, we have the answers in just a few simple steps!


It is incredibly important to be gentle when handling spots and stains on wool rugs. For instance, if you accidentally use too much water to clean the rug, it may leave water marks that can permanently damage it. Or you may be tempted to scrub the stain out of the wool fibers. This also may cause more problems than it solves. Instead, take a little bit of warm water and wool-safe detergent to the area and spot clean, brushing the detergent/water mix in a gentle back and forth motion. Follow this by adding luke warm water to eliminate any soap that remains. By following these simple procedures, you can do a lot to combat stains between professional cleanings.


Weekly shaking out a rug can do a lot to maintain its attractiveness. By doing this you are able to remove most of the dirt and dust particles, and prevent them from getting encased in the rug’s fibers. Don’t panic if you get a stain. Read carefully the instruction labels from the manufacturer and follow the procedures that are outlined. If the stain remains, refer to the step mentioned above.

Dust and dirt can do a lot to damage the attractiveness of a rug. Even if it is placed in a room with low traffic, every rug needs maintenance. Rug maintenance varies depending on material, but because of wool’s durability, shaking it out is the best treatment to start with.


If it be Persian, silk, or wool, professional cleanings are a must. It is essential to get it cleaned the right way to prevent any further damage and to eliminate all traces of stains. The professionals at John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County know the ins and outs of carpet and rug cleaning. Contact them today to restore your wool rug back to its prime.