It is common to protect high traffic areas in the walkways of your home by laying down throw rugs. But how do you keep your rugs from wearing out quickly or looking worn down? You want to protect your carpet but also don’t want to display ragged rugs. It may seem difficult, but by taking simple precautions you can keep your rugs looking great even in these high traffic areas of your home.

The Right Materials Make a Difference

Although style is important, when it comes to selecting a rug you also want to choose a material that is durable. The type of material you choose will determine how long your rug will last in those high traffic areas. The best choices are Nylon and wool carpets.

Plan Ahead

Smiling teen girl in colorful cloths lying on floor and relaxingOne of the best ways to protect your rugs is to reduce the amount of dirt and moisture that enters the home. The use of walk-off mats at your entryways will help to eliminate much of the dirt that gets tracked into your home from your shoes. This simple precautionary method can be a very effective way to keep your rugs clean. If possible, taking your shoes off and leaving them at the front door will help prevent any soils from coming into your home.

Make Your Vacuum Your New Best Friend

Frequent vacuuming is an essential part of caring for your rugs and carpet, especially in high traffic areas. Vacuuming helps to remove dirt before it actually settles into the fibers. The more traffic an area endures, the more often it should be vacuumed. Sometimes a daily vacuuming routine is necessary to keep stains and dirt at bay.

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Act Quickly

High-traffic areas are obviously more likely to be the scene of a spill or mess. These areas are therefore more prone to a recurring stain or a worn spot. If a spill does occur, be sure to take immediate action in cleaning the area. When possible, use a special rug spot remover like John’s Chem-Dry’s signature Chem-Dry Stain Extinguisher to remove the stain from the damaged area. If you act immediately after the stain has occurred, you’ll have a better chance of removing the stain before it seeps into the fibers and bonds with the rug materials. Having a professionally-designed rug protectant solution applied to your rugs will also be helpful in prolonging the next cleaning service as well as making the cleanup process easier next time you have a spill.

Keeping rugs and carpets clean in high traffic areas requires routine maintenance and efficient cleaning methods. With the proper care, you can keep your rugs, and your home, looking bright and clean. If your rug is too far gone, count on the John’s Chem-Dry professionally-trained rug technicians to restore that beauty. Our talented staff is trained to handle any and all types of rugs, and we have special tools that are designed specifically for the different types of rugs. Visit our Rug Cleaning page to learn more about our area rug and oriental rug cleaning service.