Whether it be chocolate, blood, nail polish or sports drinks, every household will have its share of spots and stains. These blunders can be a disaster for anyone that likes to keep a clean home. Unfortunately, treating these carpet blunders isn’t a perfect science, and depending on how the stain has been untreated and the pigment of your carpet’s fibers, the treatment may vary significantly. Here at John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County we know how difficult it can be to remove a difficult stain. For this reason, we have outlined a few steps to help you identify and remove spots and stains.

How to Identify and Remove Spots

WomanDogOnWhiteIf you can feel where the spill happened on your carpet, chances are you are dealing with a spot. As a general rule of thumb, this is the easiest way to differentiate between spots and stains. As with any type of spill, it is extremely important to treat it as soon as possible. This will give you the best chance of removing the majority of blunder, until your next professional cleaning.

Some of the most common items that cause spots in carpet are make-up, vomit, feces, and gum. There are a few spots that will most likely require the help of a professional. Spilling nail polish is one spill that will definitely require the help of a professional, but there is a lot you can do yourself to combat spots. By combining 2/3 cup of cold water with 1/3 cup of white vinegar you will be able to remove most traces. If that doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to call John’s Chem-Dry to remove all traces of the spot.

How to Remove a Stain

Depending on the chemical make-up of the food or drink spilled the treatment for a stain may vary greatly. Simple stains may be removed with only a water-based mix. Some of the more difficult stains to remove include tea, sports drinks, mustard, ink, and bleach. Below we have some steps to help you remove all types of stains.

To begin, it is important to vacuum up as much as you can. Then, by blotting damp towels soaked in water dilute the stain as much as possible. Use a dry towel to absorb all of the moisture. It is important to remember not to scrub back and forth when trying to remove a stain, as this may spread the stain on the carpet. By following these simple steps, you can do a lot to remove spots and stains. As mentioned earlier, all spills are not created equal, so don’t hesitate to call John’s Chem-Dry if the stain or spot becomes too much to handle.

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