Bacteria and virus info from Chem-Dry Point RobertsViruses & Bacteria

These are three things we have heard about our entire lives, but never more so than in the past year. These are different and challenging health times for sure, and though vaccines may help get us through them, it’s still important to watch out for these things in your home and office. The problem is you might not know the difference between the three, and when it comes to cleaning, you need to treat them all in different ways. As a Chem-Dry carpet cleaner here in Point Roberts, WA, we have spent years learning the difference and we’re ready to clean for your health like no one else!

We put together some basic information to help you learn the difference and best ways to clean and treat them. Check out the table below and how our sanitizing service can help you out.


Not a living organismLiving organisms
Submicroscopic — range from 0.02 to 0.25 micron (a micron is one millionth of a meter)Much larger than viruses — about 0.4 micron
Only grow and reproduce inside of the host cells that they infect. When outside of living cells, viruses are dormant — this is why they need a living cell in order to “live”Consist of a single living cell than can generate energy, make food, move, and reproduce — this is why they can live in places such as soil, water, plants, and the human body
Visible under electron microscopeVisible under light microscope
Cause systemic infectionCause localized infections
Examples of systemic infections: AIDS, common cold, flu, chicken pox, measles, Covid-19Examples of localized infections: food poisoning, gastritis, ulcers, meningitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis
Antibiotics designed for bacteria have no effect on virusesCan often be treated with antibiotics
Most viruses are potentially harmfulMost bacteria are not harmful


Preventing the Spread of Virus & Bacteria in Point Roberts, WA

The simple truth is you need to wash your hands. It’s recommended that you wash them for 20 seconds with soap and water regularly, and especially after touching a high-touch surface like a doorknob. If you don’t have soap and water readily available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Another thing you can do is use EPA-approved disinfectants on the surfaces in your home.

Chem-Dry Sanitizers are EPA-approved, and the pros here know the most advanced cleaning techniques in the industry to make sure we eradicate bacteria, allergens, and germs from your carpet. Schedule an appointment today by calling (360) 734-3551.