Do you feel like your vacuum has lost its power? If so, it probably has. Every vacuum has a limit and eventually will lose power. Here at John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County we know how important it is to keep your carpets clean, but excessive vacuuming can actually shortchange the usefulness of your device. In order to help you make the most of your vacuum, we have a few tips to extend its life!

Do Not Vacuum Moist Carpet

Vacuuming moist carpet can be a death sentence for most vacuums. The moisture from water spills and floor leaks can cause erosion, mildew, and mold inside your vacuum. If you find yourself in a situation where moist carpet needs to be cleaned, it is best to call the professionals at John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County. We can do the cleaning your vacuum can’t.

If properly maintained a good vacuum can last many years, but don’t be afraid to replace it if it has lost its power. Rugs, upholstery, and carpets often get replaced, while your faithful vacuum gets overworked. One of the most common reasons vacuums stop working properly is that many people use it as their only form of deep carpet cleaning.

tech2stairs_1Leave the Deep Cleaning for John’s Chem-Dry

Don’t rely only on your vacuum to suck up all of the dirt, food, and pet stains. Vacuums are incapable of getting most of the invisible terrorizers that enter your home. Such as allergens, these invaders cause your kids to sneeze and get itchy eyes, but worst of all they stay in your house despite how many times you vacuum. Your vacuum isn’t made to clean deep down in your carpets fibers, getting rid of pet hair and odor which has seeped into the crevices of your flooring. Carpets are an important investment for a house, and it is important to keep them in the best shape possible.

By vacuuming and getting your carpets regularly cleaned you can successfully maintain a truly healthy home. Vacuuming will keep your carpets looking great on a daily basis. But, for a truly deep clean that will virtually eliminate all the deep rooted spots and stains that you have forgotten about, trust John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County the job!

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