There’s a stain on your carpet. So, you scrub and you clean until that stain is gone. But then, to your utmost horror, the SAME stain reappears in the SAME spot a few days or weeks later. Has this ever happened to you?


carpet stain removal whatcom countyWhy Do Carpet Stains Come Back After I Have Cleaned Them?  


Let’s look at the three main reasons why stains reappear:

  1. The stain was never removed 100% (even though it might appear so).
  2. Extra soap was left behind during the process of steam cleaning. The sticky soap attracts even more dirt and grime.
  3. Instead of actually REMOVING the stain, the high-pressure steam cleaner that you used merely pushed the dirt and stains below the surface of the carpet. Then, when the carpet dries, the dirt and stains are “wicked” back to the top. Wicking is when soil trapped deep in the carpet padding or subflooring resurfaces to the tips of the carpet fibers during drying.


If Only There Were a Way to Get Rid of Stains Once and For All!


There is!

Luckily, the geniuses at Chem-Dry have created a whole new way to clean carpets that prevents wicking. Rather than using lots of soap and water and high pressure machines, we use the natural Power of Carbonation to raise the stains to the surface of your carpet (not pushing them to the bottom) so they can be eliminated for GOOD.

Similar to club soda removing stains from clothes, our natural solution utilizes millions of carbonated microbubbles to crawl deep below your carpet, break up the stains, and then gently and naturally lift them to the fiber’s surface.

Our carbonated bubbles do so much of the work, so we don’t have to use heavy equipment and soapy solutions like most steam cleaners do. Get this – our cleaner contains no soaps and no detergents! This dramatically lowers the chances of reappearing stains. And the environment likes our method too! We use ⅕ of the water that our competitors use. Your carpets will be dry in a short 1-2 hours and you won’t need to worry about mold or mildew!

John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County is Your Source for Clean and Healthy Carpets


Nobody has dedicated time and research into new cleaning solutions like we have. We know that our carpet cleaning solution is the safest for your family and pets, and the most effective in keeping your carpets beautiful!

Let’s get to work at your home or business! Schedule an appointment online today!