Trying to decide on how to best decorate your small living space in your home? You might put some thought into using area rugs to add style. Rugs can add warmth and coziness to your small living spaces, as well as provide a colorful design to any room. Also, they are a lot cheaper than installing carpet in the room. If you’re trying to add depth and design to your living space without breaking the bank, rugs are the perfect choice!

Making sure you pick the right rug for your space makes all the difference. We recommend choosing a color and design that will make the room look and feel larger than it actually is. Also, make sure that rug is the proper size and shape. Typically, area rugs should be no more than 2 feet from the wall on each side. In order to make the room feel larger, you want to expose some of the tile or hardwood. In smaller spaces, it is best to choose area rugs that have solid colors and small prints on them – helping to enhance the room’s space. Lastly, make sure that the rug you choose is functional for the space it’s in. For example, you wouldn’t put the same type of area rug you would in a play room as you would an office.

After you have chosen the perfect rug for your needs, it is important that you make sure it stays as clean and new as possible. A big contributing factor to this is vacuuming. We say to vacuum your rug at least once a week in order to prevent dirt buildup in the carpet fibers. Ad
ditionally, make sure you are only using cleaning products that you trust on your rug. Don’t forget to get a non-slip pad underneath your rug to protect your floors while also reducing wear on the rug. You can also try rotating your rug every 2-3 months to make sure that it is getting even wear on all of the sides. Finally, have a carpet cleaning company, like John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County, professionally clean your rug every 12-18 months. We hope these tips help. Follow them and they will help keep your rugs looking their best!

Having rugs in your home provide warmth and an artistic flare to any room. Look at them as being a piece of artwork on your floor. Getting the right rug can turn a small living space into a beautiful and cozy room in your home.