What to do between granite cleaningsCleaning a granite countertop can be very tricky. That’s because a lot of solutions actually do more harm than good. You certainly don’t want that with something as expensive and beautiful as granite. As a professional granite countertop cleaner in the Bellingham area with more than 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that we know how to safely clean granite. But we want to help you clean on your own in between our visits, so here is a quick list of dos and Don’ts for granite cleaning.

DOs and DON’Ts

Use a Mild Detergent and Water

You should be wiping down your countertop every night to keep dust and dust from food at bay. Using a safe and mild detergent with some water in a pinch will help to deliver a powerful clean without causing damage.

Avoid Waxing at All Costs

No matter what the granite wax industry says, your counter does not need to be waxed. It’s not painted so it won’t scratch. Skip wax at all costs.

Get Regular Professional Cleanings

Even if you regularly clean your countertops, soap scum can build up over time. Because it’s gradual, you might not even realize how dull or dingy your countertops had become until you have them cleaned again. 

Avoid Cheap Polishes or Products

Unless of course, you like streaky residues and debris. If you are unsure which cleaner is best for your countertops, ask your cleaning technician during your next cleaning appointment.

Use a Professional Seal

Applying a professional seal will help to prevent stains. The team here at John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County uses a professional sealer to prevent stains in between cleanings. 

Don’t Cut Food Directly on the Counter

Juices and other food particles can cause damage to the counter so you need to use a cutting board and bowls to avoid this direct contact.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Granite Cleaners in Bellingham?

When it is time to get your granite countertops professionally cleaned, the Chem-Dry team should be the obvious choice. Here’s why:

Proven to Be Effective

An independent study revealed that our granite cleaning is able to remove allergens from countertops. 

Using our process will enable you to worry less between those deep cleanings, and always brings back your granite’s original shine. 


Simple and Efficient Process

Chem-Dry strives to be less intrusive than the completion by providing premium results with little inconvenience to you. You can even have it done at the same time as your carpet or upholstery cleaning!