It’s understandable that most people take pride in the clean appearance of their home. The state in which you keep your home says a lot about you, and when your carpets are a significant portion of the floors throughout your home, it can reflect quite a lot on you as an individual.

Have a Fighting Chance With Protectant

As time goes on, it’s normal for the factory-applied stain resistance treatments to decrease in effectiveness on your carpets. Unprotected carpet fibers absorb spills quickly, turning them into more difficult-to-remove stains.

John’s Chem-Dry uses a unique carpet protect that provides a generous window of opportunity for you to remove most common household stains as they occur, creating an invisible barrier to keep stains at bay. Chem-Dry Protect gives you a fighting chance at avoiding a permanent stain in your carpets.

Better Coverage With Co-Application

Photography by Bruce Starrenburg at Lightbox StudioStudies show that Chem-Dry Protectant can provide better soil protection than our competitors because of our innovative co-application process that allows us to apply this carpet protectant treatment during a normal cleaning.

When you add the Carpet Protectant solution to your normal carpet cleaning service, we add it directly into our cleaning solutions, eliminating the need for extra dry time during and after our process. This co-application also means we can coat the entire carpet fiber, not just the tips, which provides better coverage to aid against potential spills turning into stains.

John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County recognizes that your carpet investment was designed to keep your floors covered for many years and we would hate for that investment to go to waste due to soiled and stained carpets. Our Carpet Protectant, combined with regular carpet cleanings, diminishes the problem posed by accidental stains and spills, leaving you with a fresh, clean home for your family and the environment.