Have you ever cleaned your carpet to get out some stains, and then within a few days noticed the same stains pop back up? These reappearing carpet stains are frustrating, for sure! But the good news is, there are 3 basic reasons why carpet stains can return. Our experts are sharing these reasons and their proven solutions to help make sure this problem doesn’t happen again.

Carpet Wicking From Excess Moisture

Bad stains can penetrate beneath the surface of the carpet to the carpet backing underneath, and sometimes even the carpet pad. Steam cleaners often use too much moisture and aren’t powerful enough to extract all the water after cleaning, so much of the stain remains trapped in the carpet backing even after cleaning. Steam cleanings that use too much pressure when cleaning might even push the stain deeper into the carpets where you can’t see it, instead of removing it at all.

Unfortunately, as your carpet begins to dry, the stain travels up the carpet fiber in a process known as wicking. This is why the same stains can reappear as time goes by.

The main reason for this wicking effect is when too much moisture is used and the carpet is too wet after carpet cleaning. Weak extraction equipment and high-pressure cleaning machines are also a common culprit.

Solution Try a carpet cleaning method that uses less water, like Chem-Dry’sHot Carbonating Extraction technology. Chem-Dry’s HCE uses less water because millions of carbonating bubbles do the work to lift stains to the surface—much like club soda works on a shirt stain. Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning methods so your carpets will dry faster and won’t experience much wicking.

Carpet Resoiling From Leftover Residue

Sometimes when a stain comes back, it’s actually not an old one reappearing, but a new stain from dirt that’s collected on residue left behind. You might notice this when a stain the was colored comes back black or brown instead.

This happens when a soapy detergent is used to treat a stain and isn’t removed completely. If too much soap is used or if it isn’t rinsed properly, it leaves behind an oily, sticky stain that attracts and holds onto dirt.

Basically, you’re left with carpet that is more susceptible to stains than before and that actually attracts more stains.

Solution: Avoid soaps and detergents when cleaning your carpet. Thanks to advances in technology, there are smarter ways to clean your carpet. Chem-Dry has perfected a unique Hot Carbonating Extraction method that uses the power of carbonation to lift stains to the surface, instead of dirt-attracting detergents. We’ve also developed a natural, green certified, non-toxic cleaning solution that won’t leave behind a sticky residue on your carpet fibers after cleaning.

Recurring Carpet Odors from Pets

Most recurring carpet odors come from pets. You’ll have a pet stain removed, and for a few days it will smell fine. And then the odor will come back, even though you’re sure your pet hasn’t made another mess in the house.

As pets urinate on carpet—typically in the same spot over and over—the moisture penetrates through the fibers to the carpet backing and pad underneath. When the moisture dries, potent, odor-filled crystals are left behind in these hard to reach places.

Carpet cleaning can remove stains, but odor crystals remain trapped beneath the carpet. Carpet cleaners will usually use a scented solution that will mask the smell for a few days until it wears off and the odor is back.

Solution: Make sure that you choose a cleaner that breaks down urine crystal at the source. Chem-Dry’s revolutionary P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) breaks down odor-causing urine crystals. Our process has been proven to remove 99.9% of odors and 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine in carpets.

Remove Carpet Stains And Odors For Good

If your goal is a cleaner, healthier home, using the right methods for carpet cleaning is crucial. Ditch traditional steam cleaning and take advantage of revolutionary carpet cleaning technology—like Hot Carbonating Extraction and Pet Urine Removal Treatment.

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in the Bellingham, WA area that will remove stains and odors for good, give John’s Chem-Dry of Whatcom County a call today!